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Printmakers make an impression

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WHILE printmaking in the modern era commonly refers to the mechanical mass production of commercial products such as books and newspapers, a local artist organization has been keeping the practice alive for more than half a century in its vintage form as a multidisciplinary artistic process.

The Association of Pinoyprintmakers traces its roots to 1968 when it was founded by Manuel Rodriguez Sr., tagged as the “Father of Philippine Printmaking.” In the group’s latest effort to raise awareness on the art form, which involves a range of techniques in transferring images from a matrix onto another surface, the AP showcases different printmaking artworks in a group exhibition at Gallery C. The show, titled Thrive, is part of the Conrad Manila’s “Of Art and Wine” series and runs until February 19.

“The exhibit’s self-titled theme, Thrive, resonates perfectly with Conrad Manila’s commitment to stay strong and resolute for the institution, the industry, and the country,” said Conrad Manila General Manager Linda Pecoraro. “It’s a perfect reminder for us to remain focused on what is important to transform our future.” The group show brings together 24 artists, featuring 34 art pieces. Each one is made using different printmaking techniques, including traditional methods such as woodcut, etching, engraving and lithography.

Among the featured artworks are two late 1990’s litographs by acclaimed artist Ronald Ventura. There is also a pair of rare 1991 etchings from Ibarra dela Rosa—one with the subject of orchids, the other a jackfruit, both rendered with soft, carefully-carved details.

Promising artist Jone Sibugan is part of the fold, too, with her 2019 serigraph, titled White Umbrella. Meanwhile, Yas Doctor, another participating artist for Thrive, presented a live demo of the printmaking process during the show’s recent media launch. The artist underscored how anyone can practice printmaking at home using everyday items.

“Art can be expensive, it even might have an elitist feel, but art is for all,” said AP Board Member Ambie Abaño, who is also part of the group show with two woodcut works on handmade paper. “We like to reach as many people as we can.”

Thrive serves as the year-opening exhibition and 15th overall edition of Conrad Manila’s Of Art and Wine series at Gallery C. According to Nestor Jardin, former president of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and current executive consultant of SM Hotels and Conventions Corp., Conrad Manila has lined up an exciting slate of shows this year.

“A forthcoming exhibit will open on February 23, titled New Earth, New Life, New Hope,” Jardin said. “It will be an environmental art exhibit focusing on sustainability, featuring the works of Bulacan artist Gilbert Angeles, who uses found materials such as coffee sachets, recycled wood. There will also be a sculpture exhibit by Impy Pilapil towards the third quarter of the year.”

More information on Of Art and Wine: Thrive including the price list is available through (632) 8833-9999.

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