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Here, there and everywhere

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Janine Gutierrez is no doubt the local entertainment world’s lady of the hour, the brightest star for this season. Taking the biggest risk of her career by making a courageous leap of faith, Gutierrez simply followed what her heart and her mind have been telling her all along. And it seems that the stars have all aligned in her favor.

A third-generation actor, Gutierrez’s family tree is almost showbiz royalty. Her paternal grandmother is Asia’s Queen of Songs, the indefatigable Pilita Corrales. Her maternal grandparents are iconic actors Nora Aunor and Christopher de Leon. Her dad is Ramon Christopher, Corrales’s son from actor Eddie Gutierrez. Her mom is the well-loved Lotlot de Leon, who has also been making her own mark as a wonderful actress.

Gutierrez is entering her new galaxy armed with everything she needs.  Before 2020 ended, she was hailed best actress by the Urian and the Famas for her brilliant performance in Rae Red’s Babae at Baril.

Very soon, Gutierrez’s romantic movie, titled Dito at Doon, will be shown in different new-normal platforms. From TBA Studios, and directed by JP Habac (his debut feature I’m Drunk, I Love You is wonderfully crafted), the contemporary film delves on the lives of two ordinary people whose paths cross in the time of quarantine.

Gutierrez plays the assertive, opinionated female lead opposite the delivery boy character of JC Santos. “When I got a message that there’s this inquiry for a movie project that will be directed by JP, and  that it will be produced by TBA Studios, I immediately agreed even without the benefit of a script,” she volunteered.

Perhaps Gutierrez is one lady who listens to her inner voice, who trusts her intuition.  “Oh, yes, always,” she asserted. “We all are more than what people see from the outside. Each of us is so interestingly complex that there are so many things within us that cannot just be explained by words alone.” Working on a movie set during the strict quarantine months was something Gutierrez had to get used to. “Imagine, I wasn’t working for more than half a year, and suddenly the conditions are so different, with health and safety protocols taking priority. I am just thankful that I was working with an amazing team of young professionals that made work a breeze.”

The 30-year-old actress made sure that before she was lured into acting, she finished her European studies first at the Ateneo de Manila University, upon the prodding of her mom. “Looking back, it was the wisest thing to do. Besides, I think I am a late bloomer when it comes to wanting to be an actor. I initially wanted to be an ambassador,” she shared.

As she looks forward to her 10th year in this crazy business, Gutierrez can perhaps be an ambassador of beauty, grit and talent, changing the perception of many out there who still think that show business is all shallow, hallow and purely superficial glamour.

After Dito at Doon, she will embark on her new star-studded TV series for her new network, and perhaps do one or two more films this year—that is, if her schedule permits.

Yes, the beauteous and bewitching Janine Marie Elizabeth Gutierrez will be here, there and everywhere because her career will soon be running at a blistering pace.  And we bet that she will be the year’s busiest and most celebrated actress as well.

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