Port Cops Foil Illegal Livestock Transport at Surigao Port

Port Police Inspection of docs

Port Police officers joined forces with personnel from the City Veterinary’s Office to disrupt an alleged illegal transportation of livestock at the Port of Surigao.

Veterinary Health CertThe operation uncovered a scheme involving tampered shipping documents, preventing the illicit movement of animals.

hogs that are supposed to be illegally transportedThe incident unfolded around 5:30 PM of 09 June 2023, when vigilant authorities intercepted a shipment of hogs originating from Loreto Dinagat Island at Berth number 10. Upon preliminary investigation, it was revealed that the livestock in question belonged to a certain Javier Neir. The animals were supposedly destined for transportation to Siargao Island, accompanied by apparently falsified transport documents.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, personnel from the City Veterinarian’s Office promptly intervened, ordering the immediate return of the livestock to their place of origin. This swift action not only prevented the potential mistreatment of the animals during transportation but also foiled the attempt to deceive authorities through the use of tampered documents.

(Source: Ppa Pmo Surigao Facebook Page)

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