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PCG, PPA, PNP MARIG And DENR Apprehends 3 Wingvan Trucks For An Illegal Transport Of Hardwood Lumbers

Coast Guard Station Surigao del Norte headed by the Station Commander CDR ELAINE R PANGILINAN PCG in close coordination with PPA, PNP MARIG and DENR successfully apprehended three (3) ten-wheeler wing van trucks and subsequently arrested two (2) suspects for an alleged illegal transport of forest products particularly hardwood lumbers locally known as MAGKUNO at Port of Lipata, Brgy. Lipata, Surigao City, Surigao del Norte last Monday, 07 June 2021.

At about 8:57pm of 07 June 2021, Coast Guard Sub-Station (CGSS) Lipata received an information from Port Police Lipata Lipata informing that a certain wingvan truck parked inside Port of Lipata was allegedly loaded with hardwood lumbers which intends to board MV Maria Felisa bound for San Ricardo, Southern Leyte.

Upon receipt of the information, CGSS Lipata in collaboration with PPA, PNP MARIG and DENR immediately proceeded to the reported location to verify the veracity of the report.

The team instantly conducted an ocular inspection to the subject ten-wheeler wingvan truck bearing with plate number NGP-4428 and was driven by a certain Renz P. Cabayao a resident of Ilo-ilo City.

On the course of inspection, the driver was not able to present any documents with regards to his cargoes onboard thus he verbally declared that the cargoes were only sacks of unhusked rice.

After the conduct of a thorough inspection, it was revealed that cargoes onboard the vehicle are hardwood lumbers locally known as “MAGKUNO” which intentionally concealed with sacks of unhusked rice.

Thereafter, the driver was immediately apprehended due to an illegal transport of forest products in violation to PD 705 otherwise known as “Forestry Reform Code of the Philippines”.

Shortly after, the suspect confessed to the authorities that there were likewise two (2) remaining wingvan trucks with plate numbers RHT-685 and POD-856 whose cargoes onboard was also hardwood lumbers.

The team immediately inspected the aforementioned vehicles however the respective drivers and crew was nowhere to be found. Upon inspection, it was positively confirmed and attest the information of the driver.

The apprehended three (3) ten-wheeler wingvan trucks and sawn hardwood lumbers are currently in the custody of DENR while the driver and helper are in the custody of PNP MARIG for proper disposition and inquest proceedings.

Initial investigation disclosed that the sawn hardwood lumbers came from San France, Agusan del Sur and intends to be transported bound for Cebu City to be received by an unidentified consignee.

The arrested suspects were identified as follows;

  1. Renz P. Cabayao, driver, male, 31 years of age and a resident of Brgy. Alibunan, Calinog, Ilo-ilo City
  2. Rogelio T. Doble, 55 years of age and a resident of Brgy. San Antonio Agdao, Davao City (claiming to be a passenger without any connection to the illegal shipment)

Meanwhile the drivers and crew of the remaining two (2) wingvan trucks are still nowhere to be found who immediately left and abandoned the vehicles when the apprehension to first vehicle transpired. However, with the help of the documents onboard the respective vehicles, the suspects were likewise identified as follows;

  1. Alex P Flojo, driver, male, 55 years of age and a resident of Tigaon, Camarines Sur
  2. Dionito Aldas, driver/truck owner, male, 44 years of age and a resident of P-Sambag Visayan Village, Tagum City, Davao del Norte.

On the other hand, the team led by DENR conducted itemization of confiscated sawn hardwood lumbers with the following estimated results

  • More or less 8,000 bd. ft. of illegally sawn “MAGKONO” lumbers in different dimensions
  • More or less 100 pcs of assorted “MAGKONO” furnitures
  • More or less 5,000 bd. ft. or approximately 258 pcs of “MAGKONO” chairs

Per DENR, intercepted hardwood lumbers have an estimated market value of more or less six million pesos (₱ 6,000,000.00).

At about 2:00pm of 08 June 2021, CDR PANGILINAN PCG personally inspected the apprehended three (3) ten-wheeler wingvan trucks which are currently under the custody of DENR to further ensure the intactness of the confiscated items which will serve as an evidence in court and further ensure the safety of the vehicles as well as the personal belongings of the suspects while at port premises.

(Source: CoastGuard Surigao del Norte Facebook account)

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