Opposition Councilor Files Graft Charges Vs Zambo. BAC officials

Councilor Joselito Macrohon has filled graft charges to include violation of the government procurement reform act to the city’s Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) Friday morning at the hall of justice on the issues of the 44 units of dump trucks the city purchased.
Macrohon filled the cases against the head of the procuring office which is Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco Salazar, Erwin E. Bernardo, City Assessor, Bernardino, BAC assistant chairman Atty. Alexander Elias, Dr. Elmeir Apolinario, department head, City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office, Ma. Socoro Rojas, City Social Welfare and Development Officer, Engr. Romeo P. Hiso of the City Engineers Office, and the members of the Technical Working Group.
He with legal counsel Atty. Wendle Sotto subscribed his 20 page documents together with evidences with the City Prosecutor’s Office fiscal, Atty. Eva Cadavedo. The next step will be bringing the papers to Ombudsman Davao or it will be sent through mail.
The councilor filled the case as he is questioning the issue when it comes to overpricing, brand issue, and tailor fitting of the 44 units of dump trucks the city purchased.
“Tan avoid kita “luto” el bidding kay ali ta keda vulnerable na corruption.” Macrohon said.
The 44 units of dump trucks the city purchased amounted to P220 million where each truck cost P4,395,000.00. Aside from these, the brand of the said trucks is also being questioned if indeed it the real ISUZU brand.
He explained, the process took time as he looked for the evidences coming from outside sources as the city and the BAC did not provide him with the bidding documents. Aside from these, the financial aspect is also needed to file the case.
Before, he tried to called a committee hearing however, resource persons were not invited. The last recourse was to file the appropriate charges in court where investigation will role and the truth will come out.
“Let us walk the talk, ya compra coneste trucks ya questiona ya iyo, ya keda pa este issue de kampanya. So, kere iyo sale el verdad.” Macrohon said. (R.G. A A. Go)

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