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MMDA to lift curfew starting November 4

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Chairman Benjamin “Benhur” Abalos Jr. said that the Metro Manila Council (MMC) has approved a resolution, lifting the prevailing standardized and unified curfew hours in the National Capital Region starting November 4.

“The Metro Manila mayors have agreed to lift the curfew hours in the metropolis…But we will respect the implementation of curfew on minors based on existing ordinances of the respective LGUs (local government units),” Abalos said.

According to MMDA Resolution No. 21-25, the lifting of the curfew hours from 12 midnight to 4am will complement the adjustment of mall operating hours to provide both mall-goers and mall employees ample time to get home.

“The lifting of curfew hours in Metro Manila will help spread out [the] influx of people coming to and from malls to further reduce the risk of virus’ transmission,” Abalos said.

The same resolution stated that mall owners have agreed to adjust their operating hours by opening until 11pm, instead of the usual 10pm to help alleviate traffic in Metro Manila especially as the Christmas season is approaching.

Curfew hours for minors or those under 18 years old shall be subject to existing ordinances of the Metro Manila local government units, along with the continued observance and enforcement of Covid-19 protocols and minimum public health standards such as wearing of face shields and face masks and observing social distancing.

The MMC, composed of the 17 local government units of Metro Manila, is the governing body and policy-making body of the MMDA.

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