Mga Batang Surigaonon, daog sa 2nd Fiesta Open Chess Tournament


Kudos to all the winners of the 2nd Batang Surigaonon Fiesta Open Chess Tournament!

Organized by the City Government of Surigao through the Surigao City Sports Council and in celebration of the town fiesta, this event showcased exceptional chess talent!

16 & Below Category:

  • Champion: Ker Mclin G. Bajan
  • 2nd Place: Jacqpatch Abalo
  • 3rd Place: Cherie Gail T. Hewe
  • 4th Place: Jess Raphael S. Aballar
  • 5th Place: Jake Andre S. Aballar
  • 6th Place: Andrew Cavite
  • 7th Place: Jhon Clarence Broniola
  • 8th Place: Chloe Gaia T. Hewe
  • 9th Place: Charles O. Regunda
  • 10th Place: Romuald John Galleros
  • Top Elementary: Jamilla Mae S. Comanda
  • Top Female: Chiara Gaines T. Hewe


  • Champion: NM Allan Cantonjos
  • 2nd Place: Romuald Edillo
  • 3rd Place: Rogelio Canoy
  • 4th Place: Harold Buo
  • 5th Place: Alji Cantonjos
  • 6th Place: Fame M. Fazon
  • 7th Place: Godo Tisocan
  • 8th Place: Jonas N. Matugas
  • 9th Place: Bret Michael Prudence S. Portuguese
  • 10th Place: Edris Pala
  • Top Senior: Edgarnilo Luzgano
  • Top Lady: Manuela Mie M. Mausisa
  • Top PWD: Jonas N. Matugas

Ato gajud makita na hamok Batang Surigaonon ang maradjaw muduwa nan chess sanan dili ka kumpyansahan ang mga chess masters nan nagka lain lain barangay diri sa siyudad. Congratulations sa tanan nidaog!

(Source: Surigao City PIO Facebook page)


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