Law eyed for ‘automatic’ resignation of incumbents running for reelection


Senators were asked to pass an enabling law mandating “automatic” resignation of incumbent officials running for election to other positions in their mid-term.

Once enacted into law, Senate Bill 1693 sponsored by Sen. Raffy Tulfo, will declare incumbents “automatically resigned” upon filing their certificate of candidacy to regain another government position.

In crafting the enabling legislation, Tulfo aims to amend the existing Fair Elections Act that allows elected officials to file their candidacy for higher posts “even if they have no chance knowing they are allowed to regain their current posts even after losing.”

The lawmaker lamented this situation deprives opportunities for others who want to run for the coveted posts.

According to Tulfo, “it is only right to correct the situation in order to allow elected officials perform their duty to serve and not be distracted by ambition to run for other posts.”