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Jasmine Curtis-Smith on period essentials and being an influencer

Wellgold International Inc. marketing head MJ San Agustin said the company already had Jasmine Curtis-Smith in mind when they were looking for an endorser for  Jeunesse Anion. Wellgold is the distributor of the sanitary napkin brand in the Philippines.

“Jeunesse Anion is for chic, energetic, confident and relaxed women, and Jasmine came to mind immediately because she embodies all that,” said San Agustin during an online press conference hosted by the brand.

Of course, it’s not surprising for a brand to heap praise on its new endorser but in this case, someone as candid, confident and articulate as Curtis-Smith is really the perfect spokesman.

During the press conference, she talked about the first time she got her period (it was a Friday the 13th), what she eats and the discomforts and pains she experiences.

“I still workout during my period because I heard and I learned that it actually helps with your flow and it’s also very good in alleviating cramps. You know, making sure that you don’t skip out that energy, that muscle memory and just exercising and moving around,” said Curtis-Smith, explaining that it’s not her usual full workout.

The actress, who was last seen in the GMA adaptation of the Korean hit drama Descendants of the Sun and the films Midnight in a Perfect World and Alter Me, usually does heavy weights and intense cardio workouts on normal days. When she has her monthly, Curtis-Smith does yoga and stretching to help relieve cramps and back pain.

Even her diet when she has her period is different.

“I avoid sweets and chocolates and usually go for nuts and fresh fruits and vegetables. I also snack on trail mix,” said Curtis-Smith.

She shared that she has changed in her choice of sanitary napkins.

“When I was younger, I needed a napkin with wings because I was so scared about overflow. But with Jeunesse Anion, I feel confident and fresh. The best feature for me is the anion strip in the middle.”

The anion strip in the middle of every Jeunesse Anion sanitary pad and liner help to remove the unpleasant odor and growth of bacteria. This helps impart a feeling of freshness physically, and, more importantly, protects the reproductive system.

Curtis-Smith urged women to prioritize themselves when it comes to health and wellness.

“Treat yourself like a queen. Take care of yourself. You just do it because you want to take care of yourself,” she said. Curtis-Smith believes in helping educating people by introducing facts.

“I’m trying to do a lot of micro-influencing. Micro-influencing in terms of posting. I really believe a great way of educating people is by introducing all these different facts that you learn.”

As an influencer and public figure, Curtis-Smith tries to cultivate a positive online presence by conveying her opinions and beliefs in a way that would not antagonize others.

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