Is Diego Loyzaga the brightest star of the season?


THE suave, sleek and sanguine son of actors Teresa Loyzaga and Cesar Montano is definitely on a roll. He jumps from one movie set to another and even his romantic liaisons have become extra-sensational these days.

Loyzaga is currently in the thick of promotions for his movie Dulo, which starts streaming on Vivamax this weekend.  He is doubly excited because he is paired with his real-life girlfriend Barbie Imperial in this project directed by former actor Fifth Solomon.

“On the set, B [his term of endearment for his girlfriend] and I had to forget about us being lovers, because we had to both get into our respective roles and give life to them as naturally as we could for the characters to become believable. I guess that is the challenge of being actors in general, that we have to leave who we are to portray who we have to in the most convincing manner possible,” he explained.

The month of December is special for Loyzaga because it was on December 11 a year ago when he and Imperial became sweethearts. “Whew, and just like that, it’s been a year, and our relationship remains as solid, happy and colorful as ever.”

Colorful might be an understatement to describe the relationship of these young lovers. Just very recently, rumors had it that Loyzaga had a tryst with siren newcomer AJ Raval, who is also a second generation actor like him.

Raval is the daughter of action star Jeric Raval who decided to take the sexy route to jumpstart her acting career. The two were paired in a movie, titled Death of a Girlfriend, not long ago.

The gentleman that he is, Loyzaga has kept mum even as the issue continues to be a  hot topic in the local showbiz circuit.

And like a twist in his recent movies, it was his girlfriend who came to his rescue, giving interviews to clear her boyfriend’s name and even challenging Raval to come out to end all speculations about the alleged indiscretion.

But Loyzaga gets excited when the topic shifts to his girlfriend. “She is a very organized person, both in work and in the home front. I like that and I appreciate that in her very much. In a way, B is very much like my mom—she is very caring, maalaga, and she can be very quietly selfless. She is very accepting, and she embraced me, my strengths, my flaws and my controversial past, my entire package.”

This “past” that Loyzaga is talking about, he considers it the turning point of his young life.

“The experience was life-changing. I even had to recharge and re-evaluate my life overseas to be able to pick up the pieces and start anew. But looking back, that part of my distant past made me the person I am today, and although I still continue to learn about living and loving, it has helped lay down the foundation I needed in order for me to bounce back,” he said.     

This year has been quite challenging for most of us but Loyzaga remains thankful that he is very much in-demand as an actor, even being touted as the brightest star of this season. “I don’t know about that, but it will surely be a happy Christmas for me and those I hold dear. Hope and gratitude must always be in our hearts, not only during this joyous season but throughout the year.”

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