Iriga: The Winning Answer of Miss Bicolandia 2023


As judges ask the question, “How will you promote Bicol, not only to the whole Philippines, but to the rest of the world?”

Miss Bicolandia 2023 Reynaleen Praferosa (Naga City) says:

“I will promote Bicol as a global community. As we are progressing towards a more progressive city, Bicol Region right now has a lot to offer. It’s a melting pot of cultures in Bicol, especially here in Naga City. We have a lot of excellent educational institutions. We have now opened our doors to international trade and industry and we also have the presence of different religions, different traditions, and different beliefs. And I think that as we are slowly going to a global community, Naga City, or the Bicol Region is a testament that globalization and multi-cultural diversity can coexist.”

Miss Reynaleen Praferosa Candidate Number 12 from Naga City crowned as Miss Bicolandia 2023 last night at Jessie Robredo Coliseum.

(Source: Naga City Government, photo courtesy by John Vincent Bohos

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