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Iriga: APHO and BRHMC strengthens response to FWRI

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The Albay Provincial Health Office (APHO) and the Bicol Regional Hospital and Medical Center (BRHMC) shared their preparations as part of the health sector in preventing and treating Firework-Related Injuries (FWRI).

Ms. Hazel Lyn D. Batolome, Nurse III, Albay Provincial Health Office (APHO), assured that the APHO is prepared in attending to any medical emergency involving firecrackers. The APHO has been monitoring Sentinel Hospitals, activating the Health Emergency Management Staff, and distributing promotional posters as part of the advocacy.

She also mentioned some of the disadvantages of using firecrackers: damage to health, property, and serious injuries that may lead to personal or financial crisis. “This is why we are coordinating with the various government agencies like the PNP and BFP, to prevent injury as well as fires that may damage property, among other dangers caused by firecrackers,” Ms. Bartolome said.

Dr. Swiss C. Narvaez, Medical Specialist II, BRHMC, shared their hospital’s preparations as the National Sentinel Site for FWRI. During their pre-surveillance phase, the BRHMC conducted a simulation exercise on the reporting of FWRI cases and meetings with the DOH Bicol CHD and other stakeholders involved in the surveillance and treatment of FWRI.

“The public must know how to respond to any injury caused by firecrackers to prevent medical complications from happening. To those injured, visit your nearest primary care provider to get immediate treatment such as tetanus vaccination,” Dr. Eric Raymond N. Raborar, Medical Center Chief II, BRHMC stressed.

Aside from these, the BRHMC has prepared the necessary logisitics and tetanus toxoid at the emergency department. Overall,  the BRHMC operates on a round-the-clock surveillance of FWRI cases to maintain and strengthen their service delivery to patients.

(Source: DOH Bicol CHD Press Release)


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