Investing has a deeper meaning


AFTER understanding your risk profile, its definition and the different types of financial instruments, it would be better to gain more investment knowledge before actually doing it.

Your financial status need not be on a highly stable level. Your willingness and determination to achieve financial stability will lead to your financial peace. It is not about how much you earn but it is how you manage your finances.

Allow me to give you some idea on how to invest in yourself.

1. After setting up your cash flow, have enough savings that would be enough to start your investment.

Attend free or discounted seminars that have a high value. There are a lot of seminars that offering for free. Your capital would be only your time to search for it and your willingness to attend.

Reading books about investments would also be helpful.

2. Make a firm decision to invest your money. Make sure to know the flow, the returns, and the terms of your investment. Reaching your financial goals lowers your stress level and gives you a sense of fulfillment.

3. It is also advisable to withdraw the income or interest-only from your investment. It would allow your investment to have continuously earned. It is your choice to re-invest the earnings, resulting in its exponential income flow.

Let me share with you my personal experiences in attending seminars.  I used to look for a companion in attending some training, simply because I do not want to be alone. I ask some of my friends and classmates to come with me but in the end, no one was available.

One thing that I learned was when you depend on other people’s availability, you will lose your flexibility. When you are dependent on God, you will realize His special plans for you. The unique gifts that He bestowed upon you are designate to be used for His specific calling for you.

I have been called to pursue financial planning while my friends are called to evangelize, sing or teach.

That is the reason why I cannot rely on my friends to join me in the financial seminars. I had to rely on God, on His plan, and the journey that He wants me to take in able to fulfill His assignment. So, I decided to attend the financial training alone when I learned new ideas.

When I suddenly remember my friends, hoping that they would also hear the lessons, God reminded me that it is His main reason for sending me to that seminar, that He will use me to share the things that I have learned. God prepares and equips us to fulfil His calling. He perfectly knows that we will need the learning, experience, and even lessons from failures to help other people succeed without having them undergo the same experiences or more severe failures.

I continued to attend different seminars that help me get a deeper understanding of God’s plan for my life. In the recent forums I attended, I realized that all the resources that you need to accomplish your mission are already at your hands. God had already given you the seed like your talent, resources, food, clothing, house, vehicle, everything that you need.

Those were provided already to you as the seed. What are we going to do with the seeds?

If someone gives you seeds, you need to plant them, water them daily, and put them where there is enough sunlight and air. You also have to do the same thing to the seed that God had given you. Plant God’s seed into good ground and take care of it.

This entails being a good steward of the resources that God had entrusted you. Taking care of the seed-like your talent means nourishing it by feeding your mind with the right learning and allowing it to grow to bear fruit.

The fruit will be harvested and shared with other people who also need to feed on that fruit.

In that way, you become a vessel: growing that seed starts within you. Start investing in yourself.

“It is good to enjoy the income/allowance if you have spent it on your family, friends, and love ones, but do not forget yourself. Remember that the best time to invest in your future is now! The keyword is to “balance” between enjoyment and investing for your future.”

Rodora Mendoza is a registered financial planner of RFP Philippines. To learn more about personal-financial planning, attend the 91st RFP program this August 2021. To inquire, e-mail [email protected] or text at 0917-6248110.

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