Heals 911 Revealed 51 Surigaonons Tested Negative Of Covid-19, 2 Inconclusive Results


The First Batch of Surigaonons (53 in all) tested using SARS-CoV2 Antibody Test reveals 51 Negative Results and 2 Inconclusive Results (scheduled for repeat testing).

To make sure that these persons are truly negative from COVID-19, in accordance with the DOH protocol, they are now confined in one of our Provincial Community Quarantine Facilities to undergo a specific quarantine period before they will be allowed to go home while waiting for the RT-PCR test result of our first medical frontliner who was classified as presumptive positive.

Another batch of Surigaonons, will be tested in the next days. Thus, we hereby appeal again to the public to please be our COVID-19 hero by just staying at home as much as possible. (HEALS 911/RPN DXKS)

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