Energy Regulatory Commission on Occidental Mindoro’s power woes: Don’t blame us


The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) said Thursday it should not be blamed for the power crisis in Occidental Mindoro.

The agency, in a statement, denied that it was “due to red tape in the ERC” that a lot of areas in Occidental Mindoro were again plunged into darkness. The statement was made in the course of the hearings in Congress on House Resolution No. 34, the bill authored by Congressman Leody Tarriela.

“The ERC has always been mindful of its responsibility to timely act on applications filed before it to ensure continuous supply of electricity to consumers. We, therefore, regret the statements made that ERC is to be blamed for the power crisis in the Province of Occidental Mindoro.  We have prioritized resolving pending issues of parties concerned and have been timely in our actions to issue permits for them to operate,” ERC Chairperson Monalisa Dimalanta said.

The ERC said it has been diligent on its efforts to facilitate the issuance of Certificates of Compliance (COCs) or Provisional Authorities to Operate (PAOs) in favor of generation facilities located in the Province of Occidental Mindoro because of the power situation in the area.

It has been closely coordinating with all concerned stakeholders, particularly with Occidental Mindoro Consolidated Power Corporation (OMCPC), the supplier in the area, on the status of its generating facilities supplying or will supply to Occidental Mindoro Electric Cooperative (OMECO).

The ERC added that technical inspections were conducted as soon as the commissioning of the facilities was done. However, the issuance of COC or grant of PAO is hinged on the generation company’s submission of requirements in order for ERC to act on its application to allow it to provisionally operate.