Dalipe vows to empower Zambo’s 98 Barangays


Mayor John Dalipe has declared once more that his administration remains resolute on empowering the 98 barangays of Zamboanga City through policies, interventions and strategic planning that seek to uplift the life of every citizen.

Dalipe issued the statement as he administered the mass oathtaking ceremony for the city’s 1,568 newly elected/reelected Barangay Officials and Sangguniang Kabataan members Wednesday morning, Nov. 8, at KCC Mall Convention Center.

“Our vision for Zamboanga City for every barangay is a vibrant and thriving hub of activities, offering each resident access to education, health care, livelihood opportunities in a safe, nurturing environment for our youth,” Dalipe said.

The local chief executive also underscored that his administration has always held the belief that real change starts from the grassroots, from the heart of the communities. “It is at the barangay level that the seeds of growth and development are sown, and it is here that the foundation of our city’s progress is laid.”

He urged the newly sworn-in barangay and SK officials to be united in purpose in the spirit of collaboration, stressing that the challenges ahead are many but the potential for transformative change is even greater.

“Our mission is nation building. We are all custodians of the dreams and hopes of our people. Let us serve with honor, integrity and dedication,” he said even as he reminded them that every action they take, every decision they make has the power to uplift lives, inspire change and build a brighter future for all Zamboangueños.

Moreover, Dalipe urged the village and SK officials to always remember the trust that the people have put in them.

“Let that trust be the guiding light. Together, we can create a Zamboanga City that is prosperous, inclusive and resilient,” the mayor said as he wished that their journey in public service may be filled with accomplishments and performance that will bring pride and joy to Zamboanga City and its people.

(Vic Larato)
(Source: City Government of Zamboanga FB Page, photo courtesy of
Kathy Wee Sit) 

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