CGO Iriga implements proactive measures for 2024 Bicol RSPC preparations

photo courtesy of Lungsod Ng Iriga

The City Government of Iriga took proactive measures yesterday to ensure the safety and well-being of participants in the upcoming 2024 Bicol Regional Schools Press Conference.

Through the concerted efforts of the General Services Office (GSO), the City Health Office (CHO), and the City Engineer’s Office (CEO) – Motorpool Division, schools designated for delegations’ billeting underwent meticulous fumigation to eradicate potential health hazards. This process aims to promote the well-being and satisfaction of all participants.

Aside from this, the city ensured the implementation of robust safety protocols during the conference itself, reflecting the commitment to fostering a secure and supportive environment for educational gatherings of regional significance.

(Source: Lungsod Ng Iriga)

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