Cebu: Rama orders mandatory household cleanup


Cebu City – Mayor Mike Rama has threatened to shut down Cebu Country Club and Gaisano Countrymall if they refuse to mitigate the freeflow of rainwater through drainage systems both have reportedly obstructed.

Rama gave his warning during the maiden cast of his teleradyo program, Ingna’ng Mayor, this morning over Sugboanon Channel, the broadcast arm of the People’s Progressive Radio Media Network (PPRMN).

A succession of flash floods that heavy torrential rains triggered in Banilad over the past few weeks led the mayor to compel the two establishments to clear the obstructions that city disaster frontliners have noted in Banilad.

“There will be no sacred cows. I told them to demolish parts of the Gaisano Countrymall. Kay dako nag sala nila nga ang sapa gihimo nalang ug kanal,” Rama said.

“I told (my staff) during the meeting that we will invade (Cebu) Country Club. We will close it if they will not help us. I’m very bold about this. They did something that caused a waterway there to be diverted,” he added.

(Source: Cebu City Government, photo courtesy of PPRMN/cte)

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