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Cebu: Official na pamahayag ng PRO-7 sa engkwentro sa mga rebildi didto sa Bohol

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“Police operatives of Bohol PPO, PRO 7 who were serving warrants of arrest against hard-core NPA communists-terrorists in Bohol figured out in a fierce almost three-hour encounter against the remnants of the Bohol Party Committee, the dismantled guerrilla front operating in Bohol island.”

“After a month-long intelligence operations, the PRO 7 operatives assisted by AFP security partners, finally determined the location of the terrorists which led to the implementation of Oplan Hagorn, the Bohol Police Counter-Insurgency and Anti-Terrorism Plan in relation to OPRD 04-24 utilizing a Joint Enhanced Military Police Operation (JEMPO) in the service of warrants of arrest against the high profile suspects. The operation resulted in the death of five NPA Communists-terrorists including the leader, Domingo Compoc who is also Bohol’s Most Wanted Person.”

The overall planning was conceptualized under Bohol PPOs Oplan T-Strike Fury under the Code Name “Game Over of COPLAN Aquila” which was intended to finally arrest and neutralize the remaining very elusive remnants of BPC under Domingo Jaspe Compoc known in the underground as “Silong”.

“The armed encounter between BPPO together with AFP partners of and the remnants of Bohol Party Committee (BPC) of the CPP-NPA transpired at around 6:50 in the morning of February 23, 2024 at Purok 2 (Matin-ao) Barangay Campagao, Bilar, Bohol.”

“In the course of the firefight, one hero policeman, PCPL Gilbert Ampil incurred a fatal shot which resulted in his untimely demise while another policeman is now being treated in an undisclosed hospital.”
On the other hand, five members of the dreaded BPC were killed during the actual encounter, namely:
1. Domingo J. Compoc @SILONG, Squad Leader of Remnants of BPC and former Commanding Officer of Sandatahang Yunit Pangpropaganda (SYP) Platoon of BPC and Most Wanted Person in Bohol;
2. Parlito Segovia @ALDRIN, Assistant Squad Leader and Political Guide;
3. Marlon Omosura @DARWIN Squad Member;
4. Hannah Joy Cesista @MAYA/LEAN; and,
5. Certain @JUANING Squad Member;
Recovered from them at the encounter site are heavy armaments and ammunition which they have used in their years of terrorism, extortions and murders in the countryside:
a. One (1) unit M16 Baby Armalite Rifle;
b. One (1) unit R4 M16 Rifle;
c. One (1)unit M16 Rifle; and
d. Three (3) units of caliber .45 pistol.

An investigation and processing or the crime scene currently being undertaken while government troops continue the clearing operations.

PBGEN Anthony A Aberin, RD PRO 7 lauded this major breakthrough against the communists-terrorists in Bohol. On the other hand, he intimated that the whole PRO 7 is at the same time mourning the untimely demise of PCPL Gilbert Amper who died as a hero in the name of maintaining peace and security.

“This is an operational breakthrough in our fight against the communists-terrorists in Bohol, neutralizing the remaining leaders of their decades of terrorism and extortion victimizing innocent civilians. We call on the Boholanos to unite to help the government to finally defeat these heartless criminals who seek to destroy our peace and liberty”, he added.

PRO 7 is now attending to the needs of the affected civilian community during the encounter. A team was already designated to ensure that the family of PCPL Amper is given all the assistance needed.

“The death of our hero cop will not be in vain and we shall continue doing our job well to give his sacrifices an everlasting meaning in the memory of his family and the Filipino people”, BGEN. Anthony Aberin. (Renante Lada)

(News & photo courtesy of PRO-7)

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