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Bridging The Gap And Eliminate Illiteracy Through “Titser Ko Si Kuyang At Ateng Pulis”

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Davao del Norte –  The new normal has affecting all walks of life, most especially the students who will adapt the current way of learning.

As part of embracing the so called “New Normal”, online learning and modules are the best way to continue education and prevent spreading the COVID-19 virus.

It gives burden to some of the students since most subjects will be dealt on their own understanding. How much more it could weigh if parents are undergraduate, if not totally illiterate?

The “Titser ko si Kuyang and Ateng Pulis” was an initiated project by Revitalized Police sa Barangay Team Sitio Mangga to few students of Magwawa Integrated School, Mangga Extension, Sto. Tomas, Davao del Norte.

It aims to help the students of the sitio to face their difficulties and struggles in the new normal type of education being implemented on subjects such as Basic English, Science and Math.

Since two of the team members of R-PSB Team Sitio Mangga are also licensed teachers, they heartfully offered their field of expertise. Police Master Seargent Hanibal Tolentino, an AB Mathematics graduate and  Police staff Seargent Ryan Malibago, a BSEd Major in Science graduate, used their graduate course in helping  the students with their Modules by discussing some of the subjects to the students.

The Revitalized Pulis sa Barangay has given the opportunity for the police officers to extend their sklls and abilities to the community.

Their expertise is a huge help to our IP students especially that most of their parents hardly understand the modules.

In order to attain a sustainable community for our Lumad brothers and sisters, education should be given utmost attention. As what Nelson Mandela once said “Education is a great weapon which you can use to change the world”. (DavNor Police Information | OIC Michael Manguhig, RPN DXKT Davao)

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