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Binalbagan Launches ‘Plastic Holiday’

Binalbagan launched its “Plastic Holiday” program at the Binalbagan Public Market premises recently.

The program is designed to secure that there will be zero plastic usage in all exits of the public market, Kathleen L. Aguirre, RN, MPA, the Municipal Tourism Officer-Designate said.

“The driving force of the Plastic Holiday Program in the municipality is the reduction of plastic consumption in support to RA 9003, otherwise known as the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000, and the strengthening of values of caring for the environment because of rampant plastics everywhere,” she said in a press statement.

“This program is in compliance to the efforts of Mayor Emmanuel I. Aranda to best manage solid waste and reduce plastic consumption through Executive Order No. 02-2019 and of the Municipal Solid Waste Management Board Resolution No. 2, which is a plastic holiday or prohibiting the use of plastic sando bags, ice wrappers, styrofoam, plastic cups and related plastic materials as secondary packaging,” she said.

The No Plastic Enforcement teams are composed of various employees of the local government are responsible for its implementation. Their deployment in the four exits of the public market is the beginning of practice of reducing plastic usage, as well as better management of the solid waste in the whole municipality, Aguirre said.

On the other hand, Omar Angelo Rivera, Solid Waste Action Officer said, “This program will eventually develop from two days to everyday.”

Rivera said this Plastic Holiday program he had proposed will cover two days in a week which are Wednesday and Thursday.

No Plastic Enforcers Checking Plastic Usage.

Another provision of this program is for vendor/s who continually defy the EO No. 2-2019, shall be penalized by sanctions including suspension and revocation of Mayor’s Permit for habitual offenders under the Municipal Revenue Code of 2017, he added. (NDB, photo by Binalbagan Gov’t)

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