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Behind Every Success Story Are The Great People Molded With Discipline And Committed To Hard Work

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Nickel Asia Corporation – Cagdianao Mining (NAC-CMC) congratulate the loyalty awardees of 2020 for their dedication to the company for 5, 10, 15, and 20 years of service. CMC honors and thanks all employees for their meaningful contribution to the company and the communities.
As we end the year, the Kaunungan awardees reflect the company’s success in retaining motivated employees who continue to go above and beyond their duties and responsibilities. This demonstrates CMC’s strong commitment to the tenets of Responsible Mining.
Each awardee is given a plaque of appreciation and equivalent cash incentives. Those awarded for 15 years, received a cash, plaque and a watch while those who rendered a 20-year service received cash, plaque, watch, and a professional ring.
The hardworking and deserving employees for this year’s Kaunungan Award are the following:
  • 5-YEAR Kaunungan Awardees C.Y. 2020
  1. Grecco M. Ante
  2. Ingrid L. Cortez
  3. Nathan D. Habiling
  4. Anne Charmaine A. Jusain
  5. Christine R. Luengas
  6. Ruderic E. Orejas
  7. Wendell A. Pedrera

  • 10-YEAR Kaunungan Awardees C.Y. 2020:
  1. Alan G. Abris
  2. Richard R. Bagot
  3. Elmer C. Buo
  4. Eddie B. Cabanlet
  5. Kimberly Karen N. Calang
  6. Ronaldin S. Coles
  7. Christian Jae R. Gascon
  8. Rowena L. Lumag
  9. Mary Ann A. Pacala
  10. Ma. Gem Amor H. Posesano
  11. Michelle Murray R. Sombong

  • 15-YEAR Kaunungan Awardee C.Y. 2020:
  1. Randy A. Fabian
  1. 20-YEAR Kaunungan Awardees C.Y. 2020:
  2. Regino T. Abuel
  3. Armand A. Agustines
  4. Randy L. Baguinaon
  5. Charlie L. Balberan
  6. Andie D. Boiser
  7. Edgar Q. Cabe
  8. Gemmer O. Caputolan
  9. Larry S. Consigna
  10. Irish Dave P. Custodio
  11. Pedro F. Dumangas
  12. Jose Roel B. Dumanig
  13. Teremil C. Elico
  14. Mansueto L. Endriga Jr.
  15. Dante B. Fideles
  16. Emelio B. Fideles
  17. Nito J. Fideles
  18. Rolindo L. Floria
  19. Leonico P. Galbo Jr,
  20. Marifel F. Gerandoy
  21. Rogelio L. Lasco
  22. Ronilo Lepaopao
  23. Nilo S. Linaga
  24. Christoper B. Llamera
  25. Rogelio L. Lumag
  26. Randy S. Lumpay
  27. Cherry B. Malacay
  28. Allen Q. Matiza
  29. Mario D. Monter
  30. Aurelio G. Morada
  31. Edwin E. Ortiz
  32. Marissa A. Pacomeos
  33. Jose Nelson E. Patagan
  34. Melvin S. Petilo
  35. Sammy S. Petilo
  36. Pedilito N. Predog
  37. Lucas L. Ramilla Jr.
  38. Daniel A. Rivero
  39. Benone A. Sibonga
  40. Romel S. Solonia
  41. Ricky B. Sumaylo
  42. Roque M. Tillo
  43. Terry M. Tillo
  44. Valian A. Toledo
  45. Javier M. Turno
  46. Berlito C. Zerda

For their loyalty and integrity, the awardees serve as inspiration to all employees.
(Source:Cagdianao Miners Facebook page)
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