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Batac: PGIN conducts “Capitolympics” to strengthen camaraderie and teamwork among government workers

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The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN), headed by Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc, is conducting the week-long “Capitolympics” at the Ilocos Norte Centennial Arena in Laoag City which started on November 6.

A word play combining the words “Capitol” and “Olympics,” the sporting event kicked off with a grueling match between Cluster H’s Violet Team and Cluster C’s Blue Team with the Violet Team proving their dominance in the Men’s Volleyball category on November 7. Meanwhile in the Women’s category, the Violet Team yet again reigned the match against the Blue Team with a score of 2-1.

Moreover, Gov. Marcos Manotoc and his team displayed their unrivaled strength with a final score of 93-31 for the qualifying match of the Basketball category. Aside from the ball games, the employees also competed in other events such as the Sipa Challenge, Tug of War, Obstacle Course Race, and Zumba Competition.

In his inspirational message during the opening ceremony of the event, Gov. Marcos Manotoc expressed his hopes of making an effort to make his presence felt by everyone in order to hear their suggestions and comments. He also hopes to strengthen the camaraderie, teamwork, and the friendship among the employees through a friendly-sport competition.

Above all, Gov. Marcos Manotoc emphasized that the conduct of the said sporting event should serve as a recreational activity for the employees, and they should enjoy their time together as much as possible in order to further strengthen their bonds.

Gov. Marcos Manotoc ended his speech with a promise and assurance that his office is always available to provide support for his PGIN family. (Jesusa Mae S. Sumaoang, Webster M. Agarpao, and Laurence Alfred R. Espejo, PGIN-CMO Interns)


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