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Batac: Ilokano Creatives take center stage at Miss Ilocos Norte 2023

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This year’s edition of Miss Ilocos Norte has focused on enlivening creative industries by showcasing Ilokano designers’ creations in the different segments of the pageant.

Over the years, the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte, through the leadership of Ilocos Norte Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc, has supported the creative industries, boosting their potential to foster cultural exchange, create a sense of pride and identity, and drive economic growth in Ilocos Norte.

The pageant featured a total of 50 local fashion designers and 150 creatives.

Gov. Marcos Manotoc expressed his hopes to continue supporting them, saying:

“We would like to support all of our creatives dito sa Ilocos Norte and of course those who rely on events like these.

Kaya we continue to host large events despite it not being completely necessary [because] we know the livelihood and opportunities it provides for so many.”

During the second preliminary competition of the Miss Ilocos Norte 2023 at the Currimao Sea Wall on May 22, the candidates showcased the exquisite works of the said fashion designers in the Inabel Fashion, Balintawak, and Terno categories.

Ilocos Norte Tourism Officer and pageant director Mx. Aian Raquel remarked that “the Miss Ilocos Norte is an ideal platform to provide opportunities not only to the 23 candidates, but to our young creatives who do not have other opportunities but beauty pageants.”

Mx. Raquel also believes that Miss Ilocos Norte is one of the biggest platforms for all these designers, creatives, weavers, and performers to showcase their crafts and talents. (Cita Macalipis)

(Source: Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte – Communications & Media Office)

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