Baguio Resto told to provide free potable water


Local legislators of Baguio City approved on first reading a proposed ordinance mandating all restaurants and other similar establishments operating in the city to provide free access to potable water to its customers.

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Authored by Councilor Fred Bagbagen, proposed ordinance stated that it shall be the policy of the local government to uphold and promote the general welfare and ensure the delivery of basic services.

Under the proposed law, these establishments operating businesses within the city are mandated to provide free access to potable water to its customers and not only when the customers ask for it.

Further, the aforesaid establishments must regularly maintain and clean their water dispensers, water vending machines and water storage containers and to post a signage of ‘Free Service Water’ inside their premises.

The City Health Services Office (CHSO) will be tasked to conduct inspection of all restaurants and other similar establishments to ensure their compliance aside from the conduct of monthly water sampling and bacteriology tests on the service water.

Establishment that does not comply with the pertinent provisions of the proposed ordinance shall be meted a fine of ₱ 3,000, reprimand and shall be given the first notice of violation for the first offense; a fine of ₱ 4,000 and shall be given final notice of violation for the second offense and a fine of ₱ 5,000, suspension of business permit and closure of the establishment until such time that the establishment complies with the measure for the third offense. (Joseph Manzano with reports from Dexter A. See)



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