Baguio: Gradual Opening Of Sagada Tourism Still Uncertain


Sagada, Mountain Province – The municipal government announced that the proposed opening  of the local tourism industry by the end of the month remains uncertain because of the continuous surge in the dreaded Corona Virus Disease (COVID) 2019 cases in the municipality over the past several weeks.

Mayor James Pooten stated that there is a need to continue striking a balance between the health and safety of the populace and visitors and the proposed gradual and safe revival of the local economy because of the serious negative impact of the ongoing health crisis to the job generation and economic activities of the people in the locality.

He claimed that the repeated postponement of the gradual and safe opening of the local tourism industry will pave the way for the concerned stakeholders to put in place the online registration of prospective tourists wanting to spend a well-deserved vacation in the future following reported glitches in the said system.

Mayor Pooten disclosed that there are some problems being encountered by the system, especially   on   the   proposed   online   payment,   that   is   why   it   will   be   best   for   the   concerned stakeholders to make do with the initial online booking to allow the roll out of the system once the local tourism industry will be opened for interested travelers from the different parts of the world. Earlier, the municipal government planned to gradually and slowly open the local tourism industry last September but the same was put on hold because of the surges in COVID-19 cases that was triggered by the more infectious Delta variant.

According to him, the municipal inter-agency task force will be holding a meeting in the coming days  to discuss  the  possibility of gradually  and slowly opening the  town’s tourism industry.

Sagada is one of the premier tourist destinations in the country because of its scenic destinations that are frequented by both foreign and domestic tourists.

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