Bago City Superman’ says he didn’t lose his mind


It’s a plane … it’s a bird … no, it’s not even Superman!

It’s 43-year-old Rudy Villanueva, a friendly utility staff of the Bago City Hospital.

Rudy, in his almost daily Superman suite, has stirred a lot of speculations.

He’s been seen in that “Man of Steel” attire not only at the hospital in Bago, but also in various places in Bacolod, in the sidewalks and streets, and also in other cities and towns of Negros Occidental.

First impression of people seeing him roaming around in that superhero attire is, understandably, “he’s out of his mind”.

Good thing that ‘Superman’ Rudy was chanced upon outside the Bago coliseum on Sunday afternoon. He was open to share some info about him.

When asked why he frequently wear the Superman outfit, Rudy said it is because the Man of Steel is his idol ever since his childhood days.

Rudy said he watches every movie about Superman (Kal-El, the son of Krypton planet scientist Jor-El) in theaters, on TV and in other platforms.

On the impression that he is insane, Rudy said, “It depends on how they look at me or perceive me. At least I have not done nor doing anything bad. What I am is who I am… I’m not a bad person ”

“About those who think I lost my mind, I just let them think that way but I’m not insane. I do no harm. I just enjoy what am doing,” Rudy the Superman said.

Rudy said if you happen to meet him, fear not. Instead just greet him or say hi or just smile at him, and he will smile back at you without burning you with x-ray eyes.

By the way, why it took three repeats before the camera phone finally worked to record on video the interview with him? Was it his anti-Kryptonite protection? He was quick to say it was the hot weather, nothing else. (Arman Toga, NDB)

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