Bacolod: Power Watch supports NEPC franchise application


Bacolod City – Power Watch Negros consumer group has expressed its support for the expected franchise application of Negros Electric Power Corporation in Congress, following approval of its Joint Venture Agreement with Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO).

Describing the confirmation of JVA results by the National Electric Administration as a welcome development, Power Watch Negros secretary general Wennie Sancho said that if NEPC franchise will be approved by Congress, it will seal the commitment of NEPC to ensure the quality, reliability, security, and affordability of electric power supply in its area, which is the long cherished dream of all electric consumers in Negros Island.

Sancho added that the reliability, quality, affordability and efficiency in power supply industry will motivate consumers towards positive actions for a better life.

“Our support for the franchise application of NEPC is grounded on the premise that the power supply is vital to our economic development,” he stressed.

The franchise application of NEPC to Congress is in compliance with the mandate of the 1987 Philippine Constitution in Article II Declaration of States Policies, Section 20, which recognizes the indispensable role of the private sector as the engine of growth in economic development.

Section 2(d) of the EPIRA law declares that it is the policy of the State to enhance the inflow of private capital into the power generation, transmission and distribution sectors.

Sancho further said that Power Watch Negros was deeply concerned about the fiscal challenges being faced by CENECO as a distribution utility, due to its high system losses and regulatory challenges that may threaten its long term viability.

The spirit of our advocacy to uphold the rights and welfare of the consumers will be embodied in the franchise of NEPC, that will serve as a lasting covenant for the common good of all electricity consumers, he added. (Gilbert Bayoran via TVDS photo by TVDS)

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