Bacolod: Power Watch Negros calls for consumer solidarity

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Power Watch Negros recently called for solidarity, amidst regular power outages being experienced by member consumers of Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO), which it said is “depriving use the quality of life, that we deserve.”

Amid this deplorable conditions, we are anxiously waiting for the granting of the legislative franchise from the Senate of the Republic of the Philippines, that was applied for by the Negros Electric and Power Corp. (NEPC) to take over the operations of CENECO, Power Watch Negros secretary general Wennie Sancho, said in his statement.

On Monday, the Senate committee on Public Services headed by Senator Grace Poe has endorsed the granting of a 25 year franchise for NEPC to maintain an electric power distribution in key localities of Negros Occidental.

The goal of NEPC is to ensure a unified and coordinated effort in Negros Island, towards just power transition and energy democracy along with negotiating and concluding power supply agreements that are not only attractive to energy players but most importantly, beneficial to electricity consumers, Sancho said.

He also lauded Senator Poe for her efforts in pushing for the giving of franchise to NEPC.

The endorsement of Senator Poe is a big morale booster for the consumers in the franchise area of CENECO who are reeling from power outages and brownouts, giving them inconvenience and difficulties, especially when power interruptions occur in the middle of the night, Sancho said.

Because of her untiring effort and dedication to uplift the welfare of the consumers in Negros Island in the midst of power crisis and for her dedication to give a life of dignity for the consumer, Sancho said Power Watch Negros considers Senator Grace Poe as a “Beacon Of Hope In This Darkest Hours.”

“We are confident that Senator Poe will continue to serve as a light in the midst of darkness, to pave the way for a new dawn of hope, with the signing of House Bill No. 9805 into a law to give a final relief to our power woes in the province of Negros Island,” he further added.

On the other hand, Sancho said the purpose of NEPC to level up and intensify the CENECO operation is no longer a distant vision, but is feasible and attainable today with the end in view of having and efficient, reliable and continuous power supply committed to putting primacy on what the consumer wants, instead of profit. NEPC is a private corporation under the umbrella of billionaire Enrique Razon Jr., while CENECO is a cooperative.

NEPC shall provide key recommendations for the policy-makers, highlighting what is necessary in areas such as investment, regulation and planning in this crucial power transition that would pave the way for our economic progress and development, he added. This is our call for consumers’ solidarity for all electricity consumers in the Negros Island, in partnership with NEPC, for a reliable, efficient and secured power supply, for the greatest good of the greatest number of people, he stressed. (Gilbert Bayoran via The Visayan Daily Star)

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