Bacolod: Power Watch Negros backs Ceneco-MORE Power JVA


Bacolod City – Power Watch Negros have expressed support for the proposed Joint Venture Agreement between Central Negros Electric Cooperative and MORE Power Corporation, which is now in the process and about to undergo due diligence, its secretary general, Wennie Sancho, said.

In his letter to Councilor Claudio Jesus Raymundo Puentevella, chairperson of the Bacolod City Council committee on Energy and Public Utilities, Sancho said the fruition of the JVA between Ceneco and More Power Corp. will provide efficient services, affordable and reliable power supply.

This is after the rehabilitation of Ceneco’s infrastructure, substations, plants and other equipment by installing state of the art technologies and gadgets that would revolutionize this distribution facility to serve and meet the demands of the consumers, in partnership with MORE Power Corporation, he added.

He explained that the support of Power Watch Negros is grounded on the premise that power supply is vital to the economic development, stressing that stable, affordable and reliable power supply will attract more investors, create more job opportunities, increase the worker’s purchasing power to pump prime the economy and sustain the needs of the people.

In line with this advocacy to inform the public and to educate the Ceneco consumers in Bacolod City on the basic principles of JVA, Sancho said they will conduct an information campaign on the matter.

While they are not experts in this area, he added, they will try their best to present the JVA from layman’s point of view, to pave the way for an educational atmosphere that is conducive to the acceptance of JVA by the Ceneco consumers, when the time comes, he added.

Ceneco acting general manager Arnel Lapore earlier described the proposed JVA between the electric cooperative and MORE Power as a “good thing”, which he expects to improve and develop its distribution facility. (Gilbert Bayoran via The Visayan Daily Star (TVDS), photo courtesy of TVDS)

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