Bacolod: Keep up operational tempo – VISCOM to troops

photo courtesy of The Visayan Daily Star

Bacolod City – The Armed Forces of the Philippines Visayas Command ordered the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division and its infantry units to keep up the operational tempo against remnants of the New People’s Army in Negros and Panay.

Let us not give our enemy the opportunity to recover from their debacles and significant losses, VISCOM chief Lt. Gen. Fernando Reyeg told Army soldiers, during his two day visits to the 3ID, 301st and 303rd Infantry Brigade and 15th Infantry Battalion headquarters, in Negros and Panay islands.

Reyeg urged them to sustain their gains and not be complacent.

The whole Negros Island has already been recommended to be in a status of Stable Internal Peace Security, which is expected to be declared soon by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

At the same time, Reyeg urged 3ID soldiers to be versatile and adjust to the changing tactics of the enemy and the operational environment.

As he commended them for a job well done, he called on them to revisit the manner in which the tasks have been accomplished.

“Let us adapt to the changing tactics of our enemy and adjust to the changes in the situation in our operational environment. We need to remain versatile and responsive, continually reassessing our methods and approaches to ensure we stay ahead and achieve our objectives,” Reyeg said.

From January to date, the 3ID reported that it initiated 31 armed encounters with New People’s Army remnants that resulted in the neutralization of 48 rebels, who were either killed, captured and surrendered, with 91 firearms recovered.

Highlighted during the 2-day visit were the awarding of 34 Army personnel for their remarkable combat, peace building, and disaster response initiatives.

Of the awardees, two Gold Cross medals and a Silver Cross Medal were conferred to three soldiers assigned at the 303rd Infantry Brigade, six more soldiers conferred with Silver Cross Medals to 15IB soldiers

The Gold Cross Medal is awarded for gallantry in action during combat operation, while the Silver Cross Medal is conferred for distinguished achievement in the conduct of intelligence operation.

Reyeg also reminded the troops that their collective efforts and cooperation with local communities are vital in maintaining the peace and security of Western Visayas, stressing also that maintaining a high level of readiness is crucial for responding effectively to any threat.

“We must not rest on our laurels. Our ability to swiftly adapt and respond can make a significant difference on the ground,” he added. (Gilbert Bayoran via The Visayan Daily Star)

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