Bacolod: Elect honest, competent leaders – bishops


Bacolod City – The four Negros Island bishops have issued a collegial statement calling on the public for the election of honest, transparent and competent leaders in the May 9 elections.

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The collegial statement for the synchronized May 9 local and national elections, signed by Bishops Gerardo Alminaza of San Carlos, Louie Galbines of Kabankalan, Patricio Buzon of Bacolod, and Julito Cortes of Dumaguete and other Church officials, was crafted during the Negros Eco-Conference that aims to appeal to the conscience of the candidates and electorate in upholding their faith, beliefs and values during the most crucial time in the lives of many and history.

“We pray that the unified voices of the Filipinos for accountable and honest leadership give birth to true progress. This is our chance to be heard,” they said.

They also called on the voters and candidates to take responsibility for the outcome of the electoral process as they discern the total weight that the historic event will place on the country’s future that will give rise to a government that is of the people, by the people and for the people, that ensures an accountable and honest leadership that will give birth to actual progress.

“We aspire for a government that respects and implements due process as it upholds fairness and justice in its implementation of the law,” they said.

They also demanded leaders that are committed public servants who are honest and transparent in establishing a government that is pro-poor, pro-people and pro-environment; devoid of any hidden agenda that compromises our integrity as a nation and as a Filipino people; firm but compassionate; and listening to people and their context. (Gilbert Bayoran via The Visayan Daily Star, photo courtesy of Diocese of Bacolod)

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