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Bacolod: Death Of Unvaccinated Official In La Castellana Triggers High Jab Rate

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La Castillana, Negros Occidental – The death of unvaccinated La Castellana official, who succumbed to COVID-19 two weeks ago, served as an “eye opener” for town residents to avail of vaccination, for protection against the virus, disclosed Mayor Rhumyla Nicor-Mangilimutan recently.

Mangilimutan’s mother, Noemi Nicor, 71-year-old chairwoman of the La Castellana Liga ng mga Barangay, died at the South Bacolod General Hospital. in Bacolod on October 11.

Mangilimutan said her mother, a diabetic, refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Two days after, Mangilimutan said that barangay kagawad Mario Solar, also unvaccinated, also died of COVID-19, as she noted that almost all COVID-19 death cases are unvaccinated patients.

She reported that La Castellana has 15 to 16 COVID-19 death-related cases, for now.

Because of what happened to her mother and others, Mangilimutan said many town residents now wanted to be vaccinated.

She admitted that the death of her mother has triggered much awareness, especially to the family of Kagawad Solar, whose members are all unvaccinated.

Mangilimutan said that she has been persistent in campaigning for vaccination to the municipal employees and for all the barangay captains to be actively involved in the information drive.

La Castellana has about 79,000 residents, with 70 percent of it, which is 50,000, are to be vaccinated to achieve the herd immunity.

As of this time, Mangilimutan reported that they have already vaccinated 11,000 town residents.

She added that allocated vaccines being sent to La Castellana by the provincial government are now fully utilized compared to previous months.

As to the successor of her mother as La Castellana Liga ng mga Barangay president, Mangilimutan said she was succeeded by Brgy. Capt. Isidro “Regie” Arnaiz, who is the Liga vice president.

Mangilimutan also reported an increase of P84 million in the National Tax Allocation of La Castellana, as a result of the Mandanas-Garcia ruling of the Supreme Court.

The proposed budget for next year of La Castellana is P306 million, of which health services will also be given priority in allocations, the mayor said.
(Gilbert Bayoran via The Visayan Daily Star, photo courtesy by dnx)

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