36 Resorts & Establishments At Silay Closed


Either due to the COVID-19 pandemic or the city government’s move, some 36 resorts, lodging houses, cafes and other establishments at Silay’s mountain tourism areas voluntarily closed shop.
Despite this, Silay Mayor Mark Golez said the city government will serve them Cease and Desist Orders today, August 10.

Golez said most of these are in the in Barangays Patag, Lantawan and Guimbala-on, which were already served with Notices of Violations, for having no permits to put up structures and to operate considering that the area where they are located is within the protected North Negros Natural Park.

Mayor Golez told newsmen yesterday that the owners or operators of the establishments never had any permit and therefore not paying any taxes to the government since they started operations, some since 2004.

Golez said that although they are among popular tourist attractions that used to be visited both by foreign, domestic and local tourists especially before the pandemic, the city government must not tolerate their violations.

He said that if the local government will not impose on them now, then there is no way they can be regulated including the way they dispose of wastes in case they are given permits to operate.

Golez also said that since the area where the establishments are located is under the protected area of NNNP, the Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) is the appropriate agency that can act on the matter and also has the authority to issue necessary permits for them to be there.

The mayor yesterday presided the 6th meeting of the Patag Development and Management Authority (PDMA), which he created through an Executive Order, to set the guidelines and policies related to existing problems. PDMA is also being renamed since it also covers other areas other than Patag.

He was joined by Vice Mayor Tom Ledesma, Councilors Ryan Gamboa, Denden Velez, Noynoy Penuela, Lyndon Bernardo, and Max Javelona at the Silay Outdoor Recreation and Eco-Tourism Center or SORET-C.
For the time being, Golez said visitors can still enjoy going to Barangay Patag at the city’s 11-hectare SORET-C where an extension of the city hall and DRRMO offices are being constructed.

Those planning to visit the cool and oftentimes foggy area must first secure a booking at the Silay City Hall, he added.*

(News and photos by Arman P. Toga, NDB)


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