IBP Cebu city chapter nipagawas og pamahayag maylabot sa pag-ambush ni Atty. Karen Gonzales


September is the rule of law month. But today has left us in utter shock and disbelief, as there is yet again, another attack against a member of the legal profession.

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We should not allow shooting incidents to be a common fare in the news. The usual statement denouncing or condemning an attack done to any person, after the initial dismay of learning of the senseless harm done, will not cut it.

A mother, who is a lawyer and her teenage son were shot while on the road, inside their car. They are currently being treated at the hospital.

While we pray and intercede for their recovery, we call on all law abiding, peace loving, concerned and responsible citizens to help us find and identify the perpetrator/s of this senseless crime.

IBP Cebu City Chapter will give a reward of ₱ 50,000 to anyone who can give information that will lead to the capture of the shooter and all those who may have a hand to its commission.

The members of our chapter’s security committee will actively take part in the investigation that will be conducted by law enforcement authorities.

We call for the swift delivery of justice against all those who do harm and destroy the common good. We enjoin everyone to work together with us to protect the rights of every person and secure the safety of our community.

When we allow, by our inaction or apathy, for violence to flourish, we dim the future of our country.

Let us cast the light of truth and justice so that the rule of law will prevail! (RSL, photo courtesy of MCPO)


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