ZNPPO PIO August 23, 2021 Press Release


Report on Oplan Bilang Boga through Oplan Katok
Be informed that at about 11:30 AM of August 22, 2021, one EDGAR ESTIGOY VALENZONA, legal age, married, Filipino, businessman a resident of Lawag, Galas, Dipolog City came to Dipolog City Police Station (CPS) and turned-over through Oplan Katok his one (1) unit of cal. 45 Pistol NORINCO with Serial Number BB06310-10-246 expired AUGUST 18, 2016 including deposited the thirteen (13) live ammos and two (2) pieces of empty magazine. Said firearm and other items are now temporarily deposited at Dipolog CPS for safekeeping and proper disposition.

Arrest of two Wanted Persons
Be informed that at about 1:30 o’clock in the afternoon of August 22, 2021, tracker team of Salug MPS led by PMAJ. ARLAN L DELUMPINES – ACOP together with elements of 901st MC, RMFB9 led by PLT. HARRIS A LADJA – 905th MC RMFB9, ZNPIU, ZDN MARSPSTA, ZNPHPT and IOBC Class 187 Group 9 conducted joint-intel Driven Operation through service of Warrant of Arrest at Sitio Banmil, Barangay Mucas, Salug, Zambo ang del Norte against two suspects JAMAL MUSA JALMAANI a.k.a  “AKIH AYUDIN”, 29 years old, Male, Married, Filipino, Fruit Vendor and a resident of Poblacion, Salug, Zamboanga del Norte and SHUMASER ASARA JALMAANI a.k.a. “DADDI, ADIH AYUDIN”, 26 years old, Male, Married, Filipino, driver and a resident of Barangay Mucas, Salug, Zamboanga del Norte for the crime of “FRUSTRATED MURDER” docketed under criminal case no. L-003807 pursuant to Warrant of Arrest dated October 15, 2019 duly signed by Hon. ANTHONY D.T. ISAW, Acting Presiding Judge, RTC, 9th Judicial Region, Liloy, Zamboanga Del Norte with bail recommended amounting ₱ 200,000.00 each. Arrested Wanted Persons were brought to Liloy Health District Hospital for medical examination and subsequently brought to Salug MPS for booking and other documentation.

Illegal Gambling “Locally known as BAGRAK”
Be informed that at about 11:15 AM of August 22, 2021. Joint PNP personnel of Leon B. Postigo Municipal Police Station (MPS), led by PMSG Reynald G. Estoconing together with PCpl Richard A Rosete, PCpl Henry J. Sali together with the Intel Operative of 2nd ZNPMFC personnel led by PSSg John Steven B. Estrellante proceeded to Barangay Poblacion, Leon B. Postigo ZN, to monitor illegal activities including illegal gambling.  At around 2:25 PM of the same date the team successfully apprehended one Julito Elumbaring Aya-ay, Alias Dodong, 42 years old (05/16/1976), Filipino, male, married, Grade V, construction worker, Cebuano, SANDRY EBA BRUCE, alias BODOK, Filipino, male, single, (With Live-In Partner), Grade V, construction worker, 29 years old, (10-4-1992) and MERIE AN FLORENDO ELUMBA, alias Inday, Filipino, female, married, grade 10, 25 years old, (5-16-1996) businesswoman all resident of Barangay Poblacion, Leon B Postigo, Zamboanga Del Norte that caught in the act playing a card game locally known as ‘Bagrak”. Confiscated during the operation are the following; One (1) playing card and a bet cash money amounting to two hundred ninety-five pesos (₱ 295.00), color blue, one piece of One-hundred-peso bill (SN ZX856762), One piece of fifty-peso bill (SN MPO090932), Two pieces twenty bill (snpt986582, ad988613), five pieces of ten-peso coin and eleven pieces of five-peso coin. Subject suspects are now under custody of Leon B Postigo MPS while documentation for filling of appropriate cases has been prepared. while the confiscated items were deposited at this station for proper turn-over to the court for exhibit.

Campaign against Illegal Fishing
Be informed that at about 5:30 PM of August 22, 2021 personnel of Sirawai MPS led by PCPT. JEFFERSON P. ARELLANO together with BFAR Personnel of Sirawai successfully apprehended one (1) fishing boat motorized color blue with an estimated amount of Twenty Thousand Pesos (₱ 20,000.00), owned and operated by one Yasser Basik Dullah, male, married, 36 years old, fisherman and resident of Barangay Bongon, Sirawai, Zamboanga Del Norte and Nadzna Lumigis Dullah, female, married, 32 years old, fisherwoman and a resident of Barangay Bongon, Sirawai, Zamboanga del Norte for violation of municipal fishery ordinance under Article XII, Section 58 (fishing by a person not registered with the municipal registry) which conducted thru Oplan Saklob coastal patrol at shoreline of Sirawai Zamboanga del Norte.  Subject persons and fishing boat were properly turned over to BFAR personnel of said Municipality for appropriate fines and penalties.

Report on Loose Firearm (Kontra Boga)
Be informed that at about 07:30 PM of August 22, 2021, PNP personnel of La Libertad Municipal Police Station (MPS) led by PLT. LARRY E. TUMANDA, OIC has been relentless on its effort to achieve the target on Focused Police Operation. In our campaign on Loose firearms (Bilang Boga) OPLAN KATOK operations was conducted to the house of firearms holder whose firearms were un renewed urging then to surrender or turn over their firearms to the station for safekeeping, a certain CESAR LUMACAD SULIT, 51 y/o, male, married, and a resident of Barangay Poblacion, La Libertad, ZDN came and voluntarily surrendered/turn-over one (1) unit 12 Gauge homemade shotgun and was formally received by Pat Anna Maica A. Baoy and subsequently turn-over to the Supply PNCO for proper disposition. Said firearm is now at the supply room of La Libertad MPS and was turned-over to  PCpl. Darius Colot – Chief Supply PNCO for safekeeping.

(PMaj. Robert E. Agda, Provincial Community Affairs and Development Unit Chief)
(Source: Provincial Community Affairs and Development Unit – Police Regional Office IX)

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