Zamboanga: Update on the Shooting Incident


Update on the Shooting Incident that transpired at around 8:31AM of December 6, 2021 Seaside, Barangay Baliwasan, Zamboanga City

Victims have been identified as Alih Awal Sali (Mayor of Akbar Basilan) and Darussalam Saguindilan Lajid (Mayor of Al-Barka Basilan), all of Basilan Province and the Suspects are unidentified

Initial investigation disclosed that the victims were shot by four unidentified motorcycle riding suspects with the use of Pistol Calibre. 45. The suspects fled towards the inner portion of Seaside, Barangay Baliwasan after the commission of crime while the victims are now undergoing immediate medical treatment in the hospitals

Police Stations/operating units are conducting check/chokepoint operations for the possible arrest of suspects. ZCPS11 is conducting thorough investigation relative to the incident

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