Zamboanga: Strengthening the Incident Command System

(Photo courtesy of City Government of Zamboanga FB Page)

The City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO) initiates a 5-day Incident Command System (ICS) training with the goal of enhancing disaster response capabilities of local officials and stakeholders as it emphasizes the key roles and responsibilities within the ICS.

Entitled Incident Command System Position Course (ICSPC) Level 3, the event is facilitated by a battery of speakers who can very well guide the discussions and sessions on the functions of the incident Commander, Operations Section, Logistics Section, and Finance and Administration Section. It is held at the Celebrity Hall of the Grand Astoria Hotel from June 3 to 7.

The ICSPC Level 3 is a critical component of the city’s ongoing efforts to bolster its disaster risk reduction and management capabilities.

By equipping participants with advanced skills and knowledge, the ZCDRRMO aims to ensure a more effective and unified response to potential crises.

The participants to the ladderized training comes from the different departments of the city government, national government agencies and other stakeholders ensuring a collaborative approach to disaster management, leveraging the strengths and expertise of each sector to improve overall readiness and coordination during emergencies. (Bernadeth Lazaro)

(Source: City Government of Zamboanga FB Page)

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