Zamboanga: Dalipe addresses housing issues in the city


Mayor John Dalipe the other day convened the Local Housing Board to discuss pressing issues related to the evacuation of the more than 200 families staying at the Sta. Catalina Elementary School after they were displaced by the February 20 Kasanyangan fire.

Also discussed were on the ground reports from various City Government-initiated resettlement sites to include the Talisayan Greenfield Resettlement Project, Labuan Resettlement Project and Azcuna Resettlement Site in Barangay Mercedes.

Housing and Land Management Division Chief Rodrigo Pagotaisidro presented the reports that also paved way for discussions related to the power and water supply concerns of each resettlement site.

Meanwhile, the HLMD and other concerned offices conducted a subsequent meeting to tackle possible resettlement options for families whose bamboo houses were razed to the ground during the February 20 conflagration in Kasanyangan.

Pagtaisidro represented the HLMD, Executive Assistant Amado Natividad Jr. represented Mayor Dalipe and representatives from the City Engineers Office, City Assessors Office, and representatives of barangay council of Kasanyangan and Sta Catalina.

Mayor Dalipe, it is recalled has tasked the concerned offices to expedite the transfer of the families from the Don GEMS to another temporary site, stressing that school operations are greatly affected by the prolonged stay of the displaced families.

(Source: City Government of Zamboanga Facebook page, photo courtesy of HLMD)

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