Warranty worth watching finally here


AMID the uncertainty due to the pandemic, it pays to be ready, alert.  Study the landscape well. There’d be new detours that are sometimes too parsimonious to take.  Careful.

Take the matter of warranty for our used vehicles.  We should be doubly observant, sensitively vigilant always to a platform being dangled at us.  Check the offeror’s track record first before taking the plunge.

And so, the birth of the Premium Warranty Services Philippines, Inc. (PWSPI) bears watching. You’ll instantly find that the so-called new kid on the block is impeccably credentialed and, therefore, seen to revolutionize the used-car buying business in the country.

In the first place, it is backstopped by Japan’s No. 1 automotive warranty provider.

In the second place, the “kiddo” is being headed by Vince S. Socco, an unparalleled industry giant whose peers absolutely respect and put to a pedigreed pedestal befitting an immortal icon.

How then can the PWSPI go wrong when it’s been also forged by a slew of auto world heavyweights that include GT Mobility Ventures, Inc. (GTMV), GT Capital Automotive Dealership Holdings, Inc. (GTCAD) and Mitsui & Co, Japan, and Premium Group Co. Ltd., Japan’s number one automotive warranty provider?

Socco’s template for his new babe: To become the premier provider of both inspection and warranty services for secondhand vehicles in the Philippines, and to harness the strengths of its world-class partners to introduce a new and unmatched consumer experience to the pre-owned car market.

“We aim to radically change the purchasing and ownership experience of pre-owned car buyers,” said Socco. “Through our inspection and warranty services, we empower customers by assuring them of the quality of the used vehicles they are purchasing for a worry-free car ownership. PWSPI also helps used-car sellers to build a stronger relationship with their buyers and provide better value on the vehicles they are selling.”

Socco brags of his Japan partner’s clientele of more than 1 million contracts and 23,500 partner dealers—the largest in Japan—in 14-plus years of warranty experience.

“The Filipino deserves—and demands—no less than the same world-class standards for pre-owned vehicle services offered in more developed countries,” Socco said.

The same Japan outfit is firmly entrenched in Thailand and Indonesia, making the Philippines another timely target.

“Our goal is to create a more transparent used-car marketplace in the Philippines that benefits both buyers and sellers,” Socco said. “We welcome pre-owned car dealers to join our journey and together provide a better used-car experience to all Filipinos.”

Socco’s secrets:

The company offers a 188-point inspection on the used vehicle.

It removes the guesswork and minimizes the risks in completing a purchase with confidence.

A 1-year or 2-year warranty period.

“As is where is” is eliminated as PWSPI provides repair and service on more than 200 parts.

Vehicles are repaired at no cost to mostly major Japanese, American and Korean models.

Well done, Sir Vince.

For more details, call Christopher Kho at +63 0917-540-0177, or visit him at christopher.kho@pwsp.com.ph.


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