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Vital cogs in the local real-estate industry

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PROPERTY consultants and full-agent services are vital cogs of their respective companies especially during this time of the pandemic.

Real-estate consultancy firm Lobien Realty Group (LRG) stressed property consultants ensure a safe interaction between buyers and sellers. As a representative of the seller/land owner or the buyer/tenant, property consultants are able to travel to places where their clients would not be able to and interact with various key persons involved in a particular transaction and work on behalf of a client’s best interest.

Ohmyhome provides full-agent services that can help make
the process simple, efficient and enjoyable for them.

“More than the know-how on the proper health protocols, property consultants have devoted their talents to researching and learning everything there is to know about the industry, gathering valuable market data, developing contacts and expanding their network, keeping up-to-date with current trends,” LRG said.

Thus, LRG pointed out property consultants guide clients toward their goals; act as representatives of their clients in dealing with various personalities, teach their clients the compliance processes involved with different government agencies, and help clients understand the legal conditions of their realty endeavor.

For proptech company Ohmyhome, full-agent services have an important role in efficiently assisting clients, offering services that include market research on estimated valuation, database matching of potential buyers, hosting of virtual property viewings, and more.

Cristy Ajero, Ohmyhome’s sales head, affirmed the platform’s agent assistance suits the needs of Filipino clients.

“First, we don’t promote just one real-estate brand for interested homeowners. Being an accredited partner of multiple real-estate developers, our database includes various properties within different price and location ranges. We carefully assess our clients’ needs and give them the best property options that fit their resources and preferences,” Ajero said.

“Ohmyhome also chooses which real-estate brands to accredit themselves with. Believing in the Filipino dream of owning a home, we only partner with reputable property developers that build high-quality and cost-efficient homes.”

Hiring a property consultant will enable real-estate companies to get their money’s worth, according to LRG. With a top notch property consultant on board, buyer and seller are assured of a win-win situation. Property consultants meanwhile, guide clients to selecting the options that will give them the greatest benefits while also being spared from the cost of making wrong decisions. “An experienced professional property consultant leads its clients towards achieving their return-on-investment targets easier and faster,” LRG said.

Moreover, LRG believes relationships with a client do not end in a transaction as it aims to make the property consultancy business more personal, and in the Covid-19 era, this may just be something clients want as well.  To achieve this goal, LRG said it works very closely with clients, keeps transparency, and give clients impartial advice so they can make a decision which will afford them the most fruitful returns.

Julian Sison, Ohmyhome’s marketing manager, cited up the proptech company is passionate about customer services. “Our team of highly professional sales and customer agents personalize services according to the customers’ needs,” he pointed out. “We guide them in every step of the process—with no hidden charges.”

Ajero explained that Ohmyhome in-house agents employ a unique process that results in the right property matches for sellers and buyers. “Ohmyhome’s Relationship Managers acquire and evaluate every client’s information and needs before they are assisted by a professional property agent. This ensures that we get all the right details and provide the best options to our customers.”

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