Villar: Start a career in real estate


Manuel B. Villar Jr., a former politician who now chairs the Villar Group, encouraged Filipinos both here and abroad to join the company’s pool of real property agents, licensed brokers and referral partners to sell the company’s wide range of housing portfolio.

“There has to be ViCon meetings like this one, we owe this to our brokers, our friends, our agents so that they will know that they are welcome; everybody’s welcome to sell for us,” he said during the Villar Convention, which showcased the group’s various products.

He said one can turn the pandemic into an opportunity to establish a career in the real estate business or shift to this sector to earn a living.

Villar said he has been “very hands-on” on the property developments, especially after his retirement from politics.

The Villar Group showcased its housing brands—from social housing to the most expensive projects during the event, including Bria, Lumina, Lessandra, Camella, Camella Manors, Vista Residences, Crown Asia and Brittany. 

Golden MV, the country’s biggest development in the death care sector, was also part of the expo.

Villar said his company wants to help Filipinos realize their dream of owning a home.

He also said he is happy about their projects in Baguio and Tagaytay, which are upscale condominiums and houses that are good investments and eventual vacation homes.

“Right now, we want to build a very good relationship with everyone, especially in the industry,” he said.

Villar said the company was able to overcome the challenges of the pandemic by pursuing more projects despite the various community lockdowns.

“What we did in the last six quarters, we completed the unfinished houses… We improved our services further… We have improved significantly our property management. We have improved our customer care, and physically, we have improved our model houses and our subdivisions,” he said.

“The more I am amazed by the breadth and depth of our projects. So, I say, we have to share this with our friends.”

He said the Villar Group’s property development covers all segments from lower middle class to upper class. 

“If you look at the subdivisions, you would be impressed. I’m willing to compare our projects with the other developers. Maybe, in the last two years, they were more popular than us because we were focused on low cost [housing], but we really have beautiful projects,” he said.

“Even our malls are the most beautiful in the Philippines. Even our restaurants and coffee shops, they are the nicest [shops] around. “Even our supermarkets and home improvement stores, they are very nice, very pretty, most complete, that is why, I said, we should make them more beautiful. I said, it would be unfortunate if we would be unable to share this with our friends.”

Villar said the 2nd ViCon is “a beacon of strength” for both the company and its roster of real property agents and business partners who continue to thrive despite the challenges of the pandemic. The first ViCon was launched in June.

The convention was attended by about 3,000 interested buyers, sales agents, brokers, students and young professionals. 

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