The LGU Will Continue Honoring Our Frontliners’ Hardwork Especially During This Time Of Pandemic


Despite the present problem the municipality is facing, the LGU will continue honoring our frontliners’ hardwork especially during this time of pandemic. There is more than one way to express our gratitude to all our frontliners regardless of what field they are into or what they do. Ours is through social media dedication where people around the globe can witness the bravery, courage, and selflessness of our dear frontliners.

From their morning shift to their nightly shift, the work of dedication remained immovable. Our MDDRMO personnel and staff headed by Mr. Nilo L. Reyes, have fought a good fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office is at the forefront in implementing COVID-19 preparedness and response actions linked with humanitarian and resilience response efforts enabling the spread of the virus be contained. Their day-long duties in serving our LSIs and ROFWs have been very crucial since the continuing growth of positive cases in the country keeps adding up. However, their commitment to serve and the care for the locals dominates the most as each day passes by.

Number of stranded individuals have reached their homes outside the island, and number of LSIs/ROFWs have safely arrived to their homeland and missed families. Without the assistance and guidance of our dear MDRRMO Frontliners, these individuals could have been mentally and emotionally struggled already. Imagine being stranded in an unfamiliar place with nothing but hopes of being able to go home only. Thanks to our MDRRMO Team for being helpful to our people 24/7. We understand the tension everytime a client comes in, but thank you because you all remained calm and undisturbed.

OUR SALUTE TO EVERY ONE OF YOU. SALAMAT KARAJAW Sir Nilo Reyes, Ma’am Pearlyjoy Traya, Sir Milo Reyes, Sir Archie Omaña, Sir Victor Garcia Jr., Sir Anthony Moreno, Ma’am Jessa Berol, Sir Rey Alvin Longos, Sir Sandy Cobita, and Sir Joseph Eric Comon.


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