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Surigao: Medium term solution for water supply solution, let’s start now

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Abejo Water Corporation (AWC) presented its Water Distribution Project Proposal yesterday, 20th September, 2022 at the Provincial Governor’s Office headed by Gov. Nilo P. Demerey, Jr.

AWC is a bulk water company engaged in the supply and distribution of drinking water, well drilling and development, and general construction services. It is one of the largest bulk water suppliers in Metropolitan Cebu Water District (MCWD) serving the whole Metro Cebu area with a volume of 18 million liters per day (MLD). AWC is also improving the water supply to Sorsogon, Naga, General Santos, Siargao, Bohol, and others.

With Provincial Planning and Development Office, Provincial Assessor’s office, and Governor Nilo P. Demerey, Jr., approve Water Distribution Project Proposal at AWC. According to the Governor, not only supplying enough water but also triple purpose, and these are the following:

  1. Water Desalination- the removal of salt from seawater, and it also removes harmful metals, chemicals, and bacteria possibly present in the water source.
  2. Irrigation system – because it can pump water upwards, it can supply crops such as mountain top vegetables, and turn it into terraces, which will make fish ponds to release weeds, lobsters , seaweeds, and other products. It’s not only Agriculture that we can develop, but also tourism in the South Islands.
  3. Salt Production – after the water desalination process, we can now produce salt which will also contribute to the economic growth and development of the Province.

The project to be undertaken is to install a desalination plant like AWC did in General Luna where it costs Php32,000,000 project cost and has 1.5Million liters Volume Supplied per day. Processing on this project has begun and deeper studies have begun about the area where it will be located, including road repair, and Project Cost for this project. The plan is to be placed at the bottom of the mountain, behind White Castle. Provincial Engineering Office and Office of the Provincial Architect also work with it.


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