Surigao: BJMP Journey for Advancement


The men and women of BJMP-Surigao City Jail commissioned and committed to provide humane safekeeping and developmental opportunities for the 382 Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) in the promotion of public safety.

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In line with the BJMP Journey for Advancement, Innovation and Long-Term Development Plan (J.A.I.L. Plan 2040) dated April 8, 2022″, the management of Surigao City Jail led by City Jail Warden J/CINSP JOEL G CALIMBO, RN ensures that all Jail Officers practice proper wearing of BJMP Uniform and Paraphernalia; adheres to the proper bearing of government issued properties; and are truly disciplined in thoughts, words and deeds.

(Source: Bjmp Surigao CJ Facebook account)

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