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Stunning sales increase

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IT is simply stunning.  Almost unbelievable.  I refer to the 360.8-percent increase in vehicle sales just a while back.

Is it vengeance of sorts for customers, or a counterpunch if you will, to suddenly splurge on cars even as we still continue to reel under the enormous weight of the pandemic?

We had been practically immobilized by Covid-19 since it started assaulting mankind on December 17, 2019, massively limiting our mobility and cruelly confining us—the seniors mostly—almost literally at home.

As a result, the motoring industry absorbed its worst sales performance in decades last year, sending revenues plummeting in record freefall.

And then this.  Barely 17 months later, sales of cars and trucks totaled 22,062 in May, thoroughly routing the puny 4,788 units sold in the same month last year.

It overwhelmingly overshadowed the April 2021 sales of 17,843 units for a 23.6 increase in just a matter of barely a month for that unthinkable increase nearly reaching 400 percent.

The roars of joy became all the more louder when, in a five-month span this year, sales totaled 69,463 for an astounding 58.7-percent increase in the same period in 2020. “The industry remains optimistic of a nascent recovery,” said Rommel Gutierrez, the long-serving, lawyer-president of CAMPI (Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc.).

As usual, Toyota led the sales race with an imposing 47.65 percent market share from January to May this year, with Mitsubishi second at 15.36 percent and Ford third at 7.48 percent.  From fourth to 10th were Suzuki, Nissan, Isuzu, Honda, Hyundai, Sojitz Geely and Kia.

With lockdowns seen to be continuously easing down as a result of the government’s frenzied stance of speeding up the vaccination drive nationwide, it won’t be long when the so-called new normal would be replaced by the old normal.

It’s been a while since I last heard the “business as usual” refrain. Music to the ears.

Petron wins Endurance

HERE’S a glass to Petron Blaze Team for emerging Class 2 champion at the Kalayaan Cup on June 12 at the demanding Clark International Speedway in Angeles City, Pampanga.

Here’s the complete report from Christine Giray of Great Minds Media/Gadgets Magazine:

“Driving a vintage Honda Civic EK with a surplus engine, the Petron Blaze Racing Team—headed by pilot-businessman-race car driver Mon Dimapilis, along with teammates Jevoy Moreno, Mikko Rayo, Moses Dumaguing, Powee Base, and Rod Chang—bested the tough field in the  241-lap race within the 12-hour period.

“With Petron Blaze 100 as the official fuel for the endurance run, all competitors were able to benefit from the high-performance advantages offered by this 100-octane pure gasoline. What distinguished the Petron Blaze Racing Team was the added advantage of also using Petron Blaze Racing engine oil as lubricant, creating the perfect winning combination.

“According to Dimapilis, they started using Petron Blaze Racing oil since their car preparation and shakedown in early 2021 to properly tune the engine and optimize its performance.

“In the past, using other oil brands, we needed around 3 liters within 12-hours,” said Dimapilis. “This time, we used only one liter of Petron Blaze Racing oil. Matched with the high-performance Petron Blaze 100 gasoline, we could feel the instantaneous engine response, smooth acceleration, and greater power.”

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