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Stevia, a solution to the sugar shortage dilemma in PH

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As the temperatures vary, many turn to refreshing drinks to help stay cool and hydrated. But if you’re watching your sugar intake, it can be challenging to find delicious and low in sugar options.

Filipinos have a big sweet tooth, with all types of food, from desserts to savory dishes containing sugar as a key ingredient. This year, the country faced a deficit in sugar production, causing sugar to skyrocket to P100 per kilo, nearly twice as expensive as its cost last year. 

This shortage has affected various industries, especially the food & beverage and agricultural sectors. Because sugar is a staple in the Filipino pantry, many people have been struggling to satisfy their sweet needs. Fortunately, Stevia, a healthy alternative can help Filipinos keep their dishes and lives sweet. Filipinos now have Stevia as a natural and healthier alternative to sugar.

Stevia is a natural sweetener derived from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant. It is 300 times sweeter than sugar but has zero calories and does not cause spikes in blood sugar levels. Stevia is better than chemical-based artificial sweeteners because it has no aftertaste or potential health risks.

More and more restaurants and other food businesses in the country are now using stevia as sweetener. With Stevia, restaurants and food businesses can sustainably sweeten their drinks and dishes. Moreover, more Filipino families can enjoy the food that they love. Stevia can be a total game changer for industries struggling to cope with the ongoing sugar shortage dilemma. 

Stevia is readily available in the Philippines produced by the country’s first FDA approved Stevia manufacturing company, Glorious Industrial & Development Corporation (GIDC), the Stevia Company.

Sweet & Fit Stevia, from GIDC, The Stevia Company is used as a natural sweetener and present in all the Glorious coffee, choco and iced tea mixes.

“We understand how important sweets are to Filipinos,” said Ms. Au De Leon, president and CEO of GIDC, The Stevia Company. That’s why we’ve made sure our products are healthier and available nationwide, empowering more Filipinos with a sweet solution to the sugar shortage dilemma.”

GIDC is tapping the hospitality industry as well as the bakers’ association to introduce as well as explore ways on how to use stevia in its various products and sweet offerings.

People who need to limit their sugar intake can now make their lives sweeter with Stevia. People don’t need to sacrifice flavor to care for their health. A teaspoon of Stevia is equivalent to three teaspoons of refined sugar. Stevia improves food and beverages naturally, unlike sugar which has been linked to obesity and diabetes. Moreover, Stevia is considered nonglycemic, meaning it does not affect one’s blood pressure levels.           

For more information, visit www.glorious.com.ph and www.sweetandfitstevia.com.

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