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Dear Gianni Infantino,

First of all, congratulations on an exciting and eventful 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup. I would venture to say that it is arguably the best World Cup ever. I stayed up to watch every single game. I have never done that before in my life my next day be damned.

Having said that, and now that it is over, I do hope that FIFA or the world will not forget the plight of the migrant workers who suffered during the long period of construction of the facilities.

We all know this happened despite the denials made.

Fifa is morally bound to ensure that they are paid what was agreed on and those who perished received just compensation.

You cannot turn a blind eye to this. You are morally bound to do so. The organization cannot be tone deaf to this.

If not, how better is FIFA after everything that happened with the previous leadership?

You cannot just mandate Qatar, you have to force them or there should be repercussions. This will send a message that you care for more than the game.

If you are unable to do so, the next time FIFA awards an event to a country that is repressive and does not value human rights, these violations will continue?

After all, you did take Russia out of this equation after their illegal invasion of Ukraine.

You want to clean up FIFA’s image—why don’t you open a help desk for the workers? This will help secure their testimonies and evidence of what happened. You have to protect them from reprisals. You have to be accountable.


Rick O.

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