SDP launches SUNFISH WORKPLAZE in the Philippines


SunFish DataOn Philippines (SDP) virtually launches its All-in-One HR Platform the SUNFISH WORKPLAZE, this Monday, February 6, 2023.

SUNFISH WORKPLAZE, the Ultimate Work-Life Digital Platform offers enterprises human resources solutions and gets them ready for the Future of Work. A world-class B2B2E (Business-to-Business-to-Employee) solution is provided by SUNFISH WORKPLAZE to help employees work better and happier considering all the changes and uncertainties brought about by the Digital Era.

Through the 4Cs framework, SUNFISH WORKPLAZE turns HR department into a high-value business partner for the company as it creates Capacity by moving from outdated systems of records to a digital workplace administration. It offers Convenience by moving from traditional benefits administration to personalized employee benefits. It grows Capability by moving from siloed HR functional orientation to enterprise outcome-oriented talent management. Lastly, it boosts Credibility by moving from back-office planning to front office workforce maximization.

The cutting-edge, perceptive SUNFISH WORKPLAZE solutions give an enterprise the ability to advance and shape its future. It aids businesses in staying competitive, coming to wise decisions, expanding constantly, and protecting their data.

Sri Coles, the CEO of SunFish DataOn Philippines, Inc., introduces the company’s new flagship product, an employee centric HCM platform, the SUNFISH WORKPLAZE as the core technology designed to support organizations in their transformation journey to a digital workforce. SUNFISH WORKPLAZE offers HR executives technological solutions that promote self-service and automated workflow, removing barriers to communication and collaboration and fostering growth in diverse teams. These solutions help HR leaders manage their change process.

Edroise Santiago, Sales Solutions Supervisor of SDP noted that, “I’ve been an end user of other HRIS before and when I get my first-hand experience in using SunFish Workplaze, all I can say is, this system surpasses my expectations. With its user interface and rich function and features that promote better user experience, it’s really an end-to-end integrated platform”.

SUNFISH WORKPLAZE was introduced to numerous enterprises in Indonesia last November 2022, and it earned excellent feedback from clients.

T.K Adhikatama, HR Manager of Fraser Residence said that “SunFish Workplaze is trusted by many companies in Indonesia, particularly in the hospitality industry. Most companies use SunFish to assist their HR department, that is why we choose Workplaze to assist ours.”

“Previously, we always ran the payroll management manually, so we had to be extra careful in making sure the calculations and numbers were correct. That took much time. Now, with SunFish Workplaze all the formulas have been implemented once and since then automate the whole process. That makes SunFish Workplaze very helpful, and it delivers the results that we wanted,” said Rony Mahardhika, HR Senior Manager of PT AEON Mall Indonesia.

SunFish DataOn Philippines, Inc. is continuously investing heavily in technology and developing its own system and their belief and dedication in their technology has yielded fruit. Currently, they have over thousands of dedicated users in the Philippines and is continuously expanding. They will continue to invest in their solutions and provide their clients with the best technology possible.

Given the complexities of the Philippine Payroll and HR System, it’s great that SDP has local Philippine Development and Support Teams that take SUNFISH WORKPLAZE to a whole new level to assist their clients in becoming the best HR they can be. Thanks to SDP’s 100+ development and support team, our Philippine partners can be confident that they can count on us to support them as they grow their businesses.

SUNFISH WORKPLAZE brings the future of HR to you right now because of its Intelligent Automation, Driven Performance, Configurable Guided Processes, Data Visualization, and In-App Analytics.

To know more about SUNFISH WORKPLAZE, check their newly launched website: and be among the first to experience the future of HR now.