SDN Cops Strike: Seizing 266k worth of illegal drugs in May-June 2024 buy-bust operations

photo courtesy of SDNPPO

Over two consecutive months, in May and June 2024, the Surigao del Norte PNP’s ongoing efforts to combat illegal drug activities have yielded significant results through a series of buy-bust operations. These operations successfully seized illegal drugs with a total street value of Php266,338.50.

Based on the records of the Provincial Operations Unit (POU) of the Surigao del Norte Police Provincial Office, a total of 39.0363 grams of illegal drugs were confiscated through fourteen buy-bust operations conducted in May and June 2024.

This intensified and simultaneous campaign against illegal drugs also led to the arrest of seventeen street-level drug suspects throughout the province, highlighting the effectiveness and dedication of law enforcement efforts in curbing illegal drug activities.

POLICE COLONEL LAUDEMER M. LAUDE, the Provincial Director, commended the Surigao del Norte PNP for their unwavering effort and dedication in arresting and tracking drug syndicates. He highlighted the effectiveness of the PNP’s strategic approach in apprehending drug dealers and disrupting the local drug trade, which has significantly contributed to enhanced public safety and bolstered community trust in law enforcement.

“These accomplishments in our anti-illegal drugs campaign will continuously reduce the availability of illegal drugs and improve public safety in Surigao del Norte by apprehending those who sell them. These operations can help diminish drug-related crimes such as theft and violence, often linked to drug addiction and trafficking. We, the Surigao del Norte PNP, will remain steadfast in our commitment and willing to take the necessary risks to ensure the province becomes drug-free,” said Laude. (Mark James Lisondra)

(Source: SDNPPO)

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